New Beginnings

Today we welcomed our new class to St Andrews School. The buzz and excitement in the classroom was overwhelming for some (including myself!) but we quickly settled and after a crash course in lining up we headed into the school hall for our introduction to the school community. Greeting our new Reception class is something the older children really look forward to. We waved at older siblings and teachers and then returned to the comfort of Mulberry Tree Class. Our morning zipped by with a mixture of singing, Letters and Sounds, playing, rules and snack! As our tummies began to rumble ready for our lunch, the children prepared for the next big hurdle in their day. With brand new (Cath Kidston esq) aprons we headed into the hall for our school dinner. With mixed reviews of today’s menu (Crispy Chicken fillets, potatoes and veg) the children gradually made their way outside onto the big playground to find siblings and friends. This afternoon saw us share 6 of the ‘All About Me’ boxes and discover more areas of the classroom and it’s resources. We spent a small amount of time before we went home reflecting on our day and then we practiced our lining up skills again before stepping outside to meet all the parents. A fabulous first day with lots if adventures ahead of us!













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